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The ISTANY spirit

An emotional link
Show the feeling of your senses
By tightening up the ties that bind you with your relatives
Create emotional links and support you affective asset
Realising your best pictures and those of your relatives
This is our job, and we achieve it every day with passion.

A natural instant
To guide you in an ideal composing
To relax, and to make you live a wellness instant
Then, to achieve to make you enter in your natural of beauty
And to fix the present moment where you shine by yourself
are our every moment motivations

A poetic contact
To come to you benevolent and hearty
To smoothe an instant to make it poetic and glamour
To present you a marvellous and idyllic place
to carry out with grace a portrait that will never go out of fashion
that unites with you in you life instants
ISTANY - Rue du Tunnel 17 - 1005 Lausanne - Sur rendez-vous
Le photographe professionnel à Lausanne ISTANY sublime vos photos de portrait, mariage et reportage.
ISTANY © 2008 - 2020 - Tarif photographe mariage Lausanne, un grand spécialiste de la photo de mariage en Suisse.

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The ISTANY spirit

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